Typical Bespoke Design & Builds

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Phase2 Mircowave offers a UK based flexible electrical and mechanical design and consultancy service,
which can include project management if required.

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  • We are used to working as part of a multi-disciplinary team producing high quality designs and prototypes
    in short time-scales.
  • Typically we would be responsible for the complete mechanical design, the passive electrical design and be
    working with active pcb and digital teams.
  • Recently we have added LNA design and multilayer high frequency PCB circuit board design to our capabilities.
  • Through one of our partners we can also offer High Power Amplifier design as part of a package.




  • Phase2 Microwave take a project through to offshore high volume manufacturing using the appropriate
  • We have experience with machine from solid, metal casting, forming and plastic moulding processes,
    more recently electro-forming.




  • We can organise offshore manufacturing for medium to high volume projects and produce a comprehensive
    production pack to allow the customer to implement high volume manfacturing.


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Projects Phase2 Microwave have been involved in include : -

  • Masthead Receive Boxes
  • Cellular Multiband Phase Adjusting Towertop filtering Receivers
  • Double DCS/UMTS Diplexers

Typical Market Based Bespoke Design & Builds


Phase2 Microwave is supplying Filters and Diplexers for Space Payloads following Microspace
procedures. By using commercial parts and methods as far as possible in controlled batches
hi-reliability items can be roduced cost effectively.

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Phase2 Microwave has specialised in the design and production of high power filters and couplers
of which many are for the Radar market.

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Defence & Security

Phase2 Microwave works with the major European Miltary groups including Airbus, Selex,
BAE System and Thales to provide a wide range of microwave components and subsystems.

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Commercial & Test

Phase2 Microwave has a long history of innovation and production in the Tetra and cellular
markets. It has also been active in the US homeland security and point to point markets.
We also have a wide range of VHF and UHF filters available using lumped element, helical
and combline technologies.

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Phase2 Microwave supplies a wide range of components and subsystems for the Commercial
Satcoms Market.

Most devices are exactly designed using in-house software and manufactured from silver
plated aluminium.

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